An organization is only as strong as its weakest link. The NYPD Guardians Association stands poised on realizing our true potential, our purpose. This can be achieved by all of our members becoming 100% involved. Membership involvement guarantees opportunities for creating networks and partnerships between police and community as well as a training ground designed to develop technical, managerial, organizational, and interpersonal skills.

Consider joining one or more of these committees. Sign up is encouraged at all meetings. Be Involved…

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Membership Committee

Membership committee is chaired by the 1st Vice President and consists of trustees and delegates. The ideal conditions for membership committee to operate is with all commands to have at two (2) delegates (1-UMOS 1-CMOS). Trustees manifest from the delegate pool. The duties of the delegate are as follows:

  1. Collecting dues from members of their command, issue receipts therefore and promptly forward such dues payments to the Financial Secretary on meeting nights or at other times when he/she is available or mail such payments to the Association at other times.
  2. Keep a permanent record of dues payments and the financial standing of every member in their command.
  3. Recruit new members and make every effort to keep the members in their command financial.
  4. Continually promote the Guardians Association and themselves as delegates, to the members of their command and attempt to stimulate interest in the Association and encourage attendance at meetings.
  5. Notify the First Vice-President of the transfer, promotion, change of address, suspension, dismissal, sickness or injury or death of any member in their command.
  6. Notify the First Vice-President IMMEDIATELY of any conditions evincing discrimination against or persecution of any member or potential member of the Association.
  7. Attend all delegate or membership Committee Meetings and if unable to attend notify the First Vice-President and send a representative to such meetings.
  8. Perform all other duties as may be prescribed by the Membership committee.

Dues for delegates will be ½ the regular dues payable in one installment.

Community Outreach Committee

Community Outreach committee is charged with creating and maintaining partnerships / liaisons with grassroots organizations, other fraternal organizations, and private citizens to address conditions in the communities that we serve on and off duty. This committee will be charged with consolidating event calendars as they are submitted by our members and partners. Community Outreach committee chairs will be decided on by the committee based upon the particular event / program and be expected to report at monthly  board meetings.

Sick & Welfare Committee

Sick & Welfare committee is chaired by 1st Vice President. Purpose of this committee is to assist with membership rosters by identifying members who have passed so that they are removed from the membership rolls, or infirmed so that members can effectively offer assistance to that member and / or their family while they recuperate. Delegates and trustees are an invaluable resource in regards to this committee.

Constitution & Bylaws Committee

A chairperson will be appointed by the board for this committee which will be charged with amendments, addendums, deletions, made to the NYPD Guardians Association Constitution & Bylaws. A constitution for a nonprofit organization is very similar to the bylaws that govern the actions of its board of directors. Like bylaws, the constitution depicts the rules by which the entity will operate and the restrictions, powers, and duties of its officers and board members. As we evolve it is also necessary for our governing document to properly reflect our evolution. There will be an invitation for membership in good standing to sit on this committee during the upcoming 1st quarter.

Fundraising Committee
Fundraising is the life’s blood of any organization. The chair of this committee will be the Treasurer. The roles and responsibilities of members of the fundraising committee will be as follows:

  1. Review all previous year fundraising activity including Annual Appeal and make recommendations for improvements for new fiscal year.
  2. Conduct a fundraising SWOT analysis and revise and update the previous fund development plan based on findings
  3. Be accountable for implementing the strategies of the fund development plan within stated timeframes; measure progress toward goals monthly; troubleshoot with staff as necessary.
  4. Maintain shared fundraising calendar.
  5. Analyze relationships with current and prospective major donors and funders, and develop individualized strategies to cultivate or strengthen those relationships
  6. Analyze relationships with current and prospective corporate sponsors, devise sponsorship packages, and work with staff and Board to develop relationships.
  7. Work with Budget & Finance Committee to determine annual development budget.
  8. Work with members and outside consultants as required to plan and execute fundraising and friend-raising events
  9. Along with President, meet with prospective major donors and funders (foundations and corporations)
  10. Tap respective networks for potential donors of money, time and in-kind support.
  11. Maintain all donor email contacts to ensure timely updates
  12. Report back to the Board during monthly board meetings.
  13. Meet monthly and as needed.
  14. Determine Board fundraising expectations and goals; provide guidance for Board members on meeting fundraising goals; track progress toward fundraising goals both for individual Board members and for the Board as a whole.

Social Committee

​We work hard…we play harder. The job of this committee is to ensure that this is a true statement. The goal of this committee is not to raise money. It’s more of a friend-raising committee. The responsibilities mirror fundraising committee, except in the area of monetary profit. This committee will also work with Budget & Finance Committee to determine annual development budget. Chairperson to be determined by the committee members.

Budget & Finance Committee

​Chaired by Treasurer. Members will be invited by the committee chair to participate in this committee. Annual budget requests forms will be disseminated and collected by this body for review. Report will be presented to the Board for acceptance.

Scholarship Committee

Scholarship committee will be responsible for the dissemination and collection of the yearly applications. Members of this committee will be responsible for reviewing received applications for completion and content. Amount of awards will be considered after consultation with Treasurer and Budget and Finance Committee. This committee will also work with Budget & Finance Committee to determine annual development budget. There will be  sub-committees created that will be responsible for creating and developing relationships with high schools and colleges / universities in community, as well as other organizations conducting scholarship programs and initiatives. Chairperson to be determined committee. This committee will also maintain shared fundraising calendar

Program Committee

Program committee is chaired by 2nd Vice President. This committee will be responsible for the successful and profitable execution of the annual Memorial Service & Breakfast as well as the annual Scholarship Dinner. This committee will also work with Budget & Finance Committee to determine annual development budget, as well as Fundraising Committee in regards to securing donors and funders. A monthly report will be due to the Board at monthly board meetings. The Program Committee Chair will be required to present calendar for the year complete with fundraising and progress reports.

Media & Marketing Committee

  1. Prepare print and electronic marketing materials (brochures, logos, posters, e-advertisements, etc.) to promote the NYPD Guardians Association brand. Review and update materials regularly.
  2. Seek out media opportunities to speak about NYPD Guardians Association.
  3. Act in an advisory capacity for each committee on public relations techniques.
  4. Write press releases.
  5. Develop a communication plan.
  6. Create/edit/send all emails to the general membership/public.
  7. Identify innovative and effective marketing, branding, outreach, recruitment, communication methods and media.
  8. Promote visibility in the NYPD Guardians E-newsletter, hard copy newsletter, NYPD bulletin, Spring 3100, and other publications.
  9. Maintain the NYPD Guardians Social Networking pages (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc).
  10. Increase followers and keep the pages current
  11. Create paraphernalia (clothing, pins, hats, accessories, etc) promoting the NYPD Guardians brand.
  12. This committee will also work with Budget & Finance Committee to determine annual development budget as well as Fundraising Committee.

Political Outreach Committee

  1. Attend community meetings
  2. Conduct voter registration opportunities
  3. Gather information as liaison to local politicians, and other such persons of interest in community