Diapers for Daddy


Kudo and Great Thanks go out to all of the Volunteers and Attendees of our 3rd Annual Diapers for Daddy Events which took place in both the Mullaly Recreation Center in the Bronx and at B.A Dreyfus Intermediate School 49 on Staten Island. The purpose behind this project was to afford single fathers, new fathers, and fathers in need the opportunity to do something special for their children – for their family- in time for Father’s Day.

Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson pulled out all of the stops in the Bronx and invited the news media to the Bronx venue to enhance coverage of these events. They also volunteered their time to make sure that our Bronx clientele was attended to.

The Staten Island venue also featured a new “Dress for Success” component for the Dad’s as well. It attracted beautiful weather as well as beautiful people. By the end of the day all children’s clothing and accessories found new homes and there were more than a few fathers and sons that found themselves blessed with new wardrobes. They even had their own tailor on site.

Next year will be Bigger and Better!! See you in 2019 when we do this again.