NYPDGUARDIANS History, President’s Message, Mission Statement, Executive Board, Upcoming Events

NYPD Guardians History, Association Information, President’s Message, Executive Board, and Upcoming Events are right here.
NYPDGUARDIANS stands for Guardians Association, New York City Police Dept. It was established in 1943 and is known as a fraternal organization.

NYPD Guardians


The NYPD Guardians were founded in 1943 and recognized by the NYPD as a fraternal organization.
The Guardians Association came about during the early 1940s when there were approximately 152 black officers in the NYPD out of a total of 1900 officers.
The black officers were usually assigned to the 28th and 32nd precincts in Harlem, and the 79th precinct in Brooklyn, with a few scattered around in various precincts here and there.
Post assignments for these officers were usually located in the hottest areas of the city in the summer and the coldest corners in the winter.
These posts were unofficially called the “Black Posts”. Robert “Bob” Magnum was one of many Black officers who had grown tired of standing while White officers rode in warm radio cars.
He and a number of others decided that this had to change.

In March 1948, 172 police officers, including one policewoman, Elizabeth Fuller, petitioned for official recognition of the Guardians Association.
Six years elapsed before, the Guardians were recognized as a fraternal organization within the NYPD.
After three prior failures, the Guardians Association was recognized and given approval on July 7, 1949, by Police Commissioner William O’Brien.

President’s Message

Greetings Guardians Family and Friends!
On behalf of the membership of the Guardians Association of the Police Department of the City of New York, I welcome you to our website and thank you for your commitment and support to our organization.
This year we are commemorating 75 Years of the Guardians Association with our focus being on continuing to honor our promise as stated in our mission statement to bring greater understanding between our communities and the police.
Our goal will be to create a round table that we can all sit at and exchange concepts and ideas to continue positive evolution and significant change.

The terms “Equity and Inclusion” will be key in setting the tone for the next steps. There are 800 languages spoken as well as 33 genders identified in New York City.
Our membership rosters reflect this grand mosaic. Through inclusion and our membership, we will become translators. Through inclusion, we are committed to working together as the blended family that we are.
There is strength in common understanding and respect.
This organization is committed to continued outreach and committee work toward this goal.

Mission Statement

  • To develop a spirit of brotherhood and good fellowship among its members; the members of the entire Department and the community it serves.
  • To encourage fuller participation in the activities of organizations existent within the Police Department.
  • To promote equal opportunity for appointment, assignment, and promotion for all members of the Police Department.
  • To encourage exemplary deportment by its members and the respect and goodwill of the people of their city.
  • To encourage members to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the prescribed, authorized, and accepted practice and procedures of law enforcement, and forensic presentation to the end that they will be able to serve their city in a more courteous, intelligent, and efficient manner.
  • To uphold and defend the Constitutions of the United States and the State of New York at all times.

Memebership Application Form

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Executive Board

PresidentFelicia Richards
1st Vice PresidentAaron Edwards
2nd Vice PresidentGregory Green
TreasurerCarol Hamilton
TreasurerTerome Parham
Corresponding SecretaryInez Samantha Cofield   
Recording SecretaryOctavian Hardy
ParliamentarianDartray Belk    
Sergeant-at-ArmsKidert N. Jean-Mary
ChaplainRev. Barbara Williams
Legal CounselBonita Zelman

Contact Details

Guardians Association
P.P.BOX 87
NEW YORK, NEW TORK 10272-0087

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.nypdguardians.org