Amber Heard suffers a fan boycott for her appearance in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Amber Heard continues to be the focus of attention from thousands around the globe.

This time, it's not about the trial but her work as an actress in film.

The actress received negative feedback after she was given more screen time in the Aquaman 2nd installment.

Warner Bros. gave Mera (the Heard character) more screen time during production.

After many weeks of uncertainty, Warner Bros. decided to increase her presence.

This contrasts with reports that she would be removed from the film due to the negative media reaction from the lawsuit.

Different sources claim that Heard would have between 10 and 25 minutes of screen time in the film.

I just received confirmation that Amber Heard was present at the #Aquaman2 screening today.

WB may be testing the waters with public now that the trial has ended.