Biden says Putin cannot remain in power in surprising Warsaw speech 

President Biden returned to the White House after his trip to Europe to coordinate strategy with NATO allies. 

President Joe Biden framed the war in Ukraine as the battle of a generation in the fight for democracy 

"Democracies of the world are revitalized," Biden said of worldwide reaction to the Russian invasion of Ukraine 

Speaking from a former castle in Warsaw before a crowd that included Ukrainian refugees, Biden blasted Russian President Vladimir Putin 

"It will not be easy, there will be costs," the president said, as the crowd waved U.S., Ukrainian and Polish flags. 

"We stand with you," he said of Ukraine. 

Biden attacked Putin for repeatedly claiming ahead of the invasion that he had no intention of entering Ukraine 

"For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power," Biden said of Putin. 

A White House official said later that the president had not been calling for Putin's deposal