Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness looks to be one of the biggest solo movies in MCU history 

Having made countless headlines during its promotional run 

Bringing in stories from multiple universes and giving fans dozens of core characters and Variants 

This sequel could raise the bar for Marvel adventures even after the craziness from Spider-Man: No Way Home 

Although much of the marketing has been consistent with those of the past from Marvel Studios 

Doctor Strange 2 has also done a few things differently as it prepares for its May 6 debut. 

This came right at the start with the movie's first trailer being the second post-credits scene in Spider-Man: No Way Home 

the film's second full look brought another unique aspect to it as well. 

Doctor Strange 2 Poster Honors Kevin Feige 

The recently released poster gave special mention to Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige 

In the text underneath Doctor Strange 2's title card at the bottom of the poster 

The movie is listed as "A Kevin Feige Production." 

This is the first time any Marvel Studios film has been officially promoted as such 

Kevin Feige Making History with Doctor Strange 2 

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will debut in theaters on May 6.