How to watch The Kardashians online right now — Hulu release date and time. The Kardashians have a new home: Hulu (and also Disney Plus) 

It's finally time to keep up with The Kardashians online at their new home, as they enter the streaming era. The proverbial U-Hauls have brought the current top family in reality TV from E! to Hulu 

and they arrive with plenty of drama going on, enough to make Hulu very happy about the decision to lock the family down.  

THE KARDASHIANS RELEASE DATE AND TIME Release Date:  The Kardashians episode 1 debuted today (Thursday, April 14). Where: Hulu (U.S.) and Disney Plus (internationally) Time: 12 a.m. ET 

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How to watch The Kardashians online in the U.S. Episode 1 of The Kardashians debuted on Hulu at 12 a.m. ET today (Thursday, April 14). New episodes will debut each following week. 

How to watch The Kardashians in the UK, Canada, and Australia Even though Hulu is not available in the U.K., Canada, or Australia — Disney Plus is. 

And the international versions of Disney Plus that have the Star Channel will likely get The Kardashians, at the same schedule (every Thursday) as Hulu. 

Some of the best news for this new series, though, is that it feels like a brand new life for Kourtney. Scott Disick is in the past, and she's going to go house-hunting with Travis Barker. 

Interestingly enough, though, Scott is not gone. He's actually going to appear in the new series.