Legacies Just Wasted Its Best Possible Series Finale Ending

Legacies' final episode was a disappointment. Landon saved the day.

The fourth season of Legacies (and the entire series) will soon be over.

Hope (Danielle Rose Russell), and the rest the Super Squad will now face their most difficult challenge yet

taking on Ken (Luke Mitchell), the father of all gods who is determined to destroy Tribrid Hope and rule humans.

Landon's newly acquired powers of resurrection as the Ferryman are a great opportunity.

The show's finale episode was expected to feature them. This created the perfect opportunity for a Legacies series finale.

Landon will resurrect several characters from The Vampire Diaries as well as The Originals.

This is now spoilt by the same twist that was used in Legacies season 4 episode 19, "This can only end in blood."

Landon has already brought back three main characters so it wouldn't surprise if Legacies pulled the exact same trick in the next episode.