Megan Thee Stallion Recruits Pardison Fontaine To Help Her Narrate Vegas Vacation TikTok

Megan Thee Stallion lives an extremely busy lifestyle - and fortunately she's a star,

she has a team of people to keep her on track and make sure she's looking stunning throughout the day while recording her every move.

In recent times the 27-year-old has been onto her TikTok trend of recording her everyday life.

she typically gives hilarious commentary over, though her latest video featured an additional special guest.

After their wild night on the dancefloor at New York City that made many news,

Meg recruited Pardi to assist in her weekend's coverage from Vegas that also included Billboard Music Awards, some gambling and lots of laughter.

"What's up y'all it's the Hot Girl Coach, back again," Tina Snow declared while "Plan B" played faintly in the background.

We notice her dropping it low, appearing to be in rehearsal. "Today we're doing this vocal along with an exclusive guest

In one moment she said she believed that the pyro in the stage would cause her to catch fire. "I'm not Khaleesi, bitch!" she exclaimed.