Paula Patton responds to her fried chicken recipe critics: 'It's just the way we do it 

Paula Patton is getting roasted in more ways than one this week after a video of herself frying up some chicken left fans dumbfounded 

The 46-year-old actress shared the clip on Instagram last month 

where she was showing fans how she cooks the poultry. 

In the tutorial, the “Four Kids and It” star made some cooking snafus when she added seasonings to her grease 

She didn’t wash her chicken long enough before cooking it. 

The video has gone viral weeks later, with many users throwing her into the fire 

Paula Patton's "Fried Chicken Friday" didn't quite go as planned, but the actress says "that's OK."  

A month later, the video caused quite a stir on social media 

especially after Olympic track star, Ashley Spencer resurfaced Patton's tutorial Monday on TikTok  

"Where are your seasonings, Paula? This is your mom's recipe?" Spencer asked 

On Tuesday, Patton sweetly brushed off the critics and defended her family recipe in an Instagram video 

saying she'll still be using her mom's technique.  

"I just wanted to respond and say listen, I get it, it might look crazy. It is the way we do it," Patton said 

We put the seasonings in the oil and all that — it's just the way we do it."