'Pirates of the Caribbean' actor supports Johnny Depp: Says Amber Heard is 'universally detested in the industry' 

Greg Ellis, who admired Jack Sparrow's character in Pirates of the Caribbean, has strongly supported Johnny Depp 

Greg Ellis, Pirates of the Caribbean actor, spoke out to support Johnny Depp and Amber Heard who are on trial. 

Ellis posted several messages on his Twitter account in which he supported Depp and criticized Heard's behavior. 

Ellis tweeted that Johnny Depp was not charged or tried in court. He is a beloved figure in the industry.  

Amber Heard was aware of exactly what she was doing 6 years ago when she embarked on legal maneuvers.  

The industry hates her, She is currently on trial. A jury will decide her fate. 

"I am proud to have stood alongside Johnny Depp for six years during his very public defenestration.  

Integrity is not something you can only assert in comfort, but it's earned in the midst of turmoil 

Your family, friends, and millions of supporters around the world love you as much as I do.