“Stranger Things 5” Will Likely Feature a Time Jump, the Duffer Brothers Tease 

The final two episodes of "Stranger Things 4" will air on July 1, and only one season of the Netflix series will continue. "Stranger Things 5" will be the last season. 

The series' young cast is getting older, but the characters are the same age so it was inevitable that there would be a time jump. 

The creators tease that "Stranger Things 5" will jump into the future. 

Ross Duffer, a TV Line interviewer, says that he is certain they will perform a time jump.  

"Ideally, we would have shot [Seasons 4, 5] back-to-back, but it was impossible to do that." 

Matt Duffer told the site that he isn't sure if they are ready to set a date for Season 5. It is a lot of it that is well-mapped." Matt Duffer says, 

"The ending is what is most difficult." This is obviously the most stressful part. We want to land on the right landing." 

Although "Stranger Things 5" will be the last season of the main series it doesn't mean that spinoff projects aren't possible.  

There's a good possibility they won't be far behind.