The Batman officially passes Suicide Squad at the worldwide box office with over $750 million earned ahead of its HBO Max streaming debut. 

The DC Extended Universe film revolved around the titular team of supervillains 

Including Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and El Diablo 

Brought together by Amanda Waller to help save the world from the ancient evil force, Enchantress. 

The Robert Pattinson-led film has crossed the $750 million mark, having grossed over $385 million internationally and $365 million domestically 

David Ayer's Suicide Squad was the DCEU's best earner upon its release, grossing over $746 million against its $175 million production budget 

technically falling short of Batman v Superman's $873 million hauls, though the superhero battle cost $250 million to make. 

The supervillain team-up would later be surpassed the following summer by Wonder Woman's record-setting $822 million gross and Aquaman's still-unbeaten $1.148 billion hauls.  

While it may not be a part of the DCEU, The Batman's box office milestone is an important step forward for DC Comics in general on the big screen