Stunned Charles Oliveira opens up about UFC 274 weight miss: 'To me, it just didn't make sense' 

He was as surprised as everyone else when he missed weight Friday at the UFC 274 official weigh-ins. 

Oliveira, who came in one-half-pound over the championship lightweight limit ahead of his main event  

Scheduled for Saturday against Justin Gaethje, claims to have made weight Thursday night. 

According to Oliveira, without eating or drinking, he somehow missed weight after hours more of non-nutrition. 

“The champion has a name. His name is Charles Oliveira,” Oliveira said with the use of an interpreter on the ESPN ceremonial weigh-in broadcast.  

“The story is that I went up to my room. I made weight on the UFC scale on Thursday night. I go up to my room (and) didn’t consume anything.  

No water, no food, no anything. I swear to God. In the name of my daughter, the most sacred thing in my life.  

I went to bed. I wake up the following day and it’s a pound over.