Why is Britney Spears posting THOSE naked snaps? 

Photos of naked full-frontal photos were uploaded by Britney Spears to her 41 million Instagram followers 

This has raised concerns about her mental health and well-being among her loyal fans 

Could be a sign that the star is trying to regain the control she lost in her youth The star is trying to regain control over her youth 

after an experience of trauma from conservatorship, an expert psychologist has said. 

The 40-year-old actress is expecting her third baby with her personal trainer husband Sam Asghari, 

Fans were worried about her mental state following her post 

A series of nine images in rapid succession was uploaded on Instagram 

The images that make your eyes wide open show Spears covering her breasts in nakedness with her hands. 

and by using an emoji love heart to conceal her and her genitals.